Tropical Paradise

Our mature tropical house hosts a wealth of species including both plants and animals that all thrive in harmony at Woodside. Immerse yourself in the wonders of a living, active tropical rainforest, with free-flying birds, waterfalls, fish, reptiles, primates and even a Sloth!

Lilac-Breasted Roller

Bold and vibrant, this African species gets its name from the way it dramatically rolls in the air during courtship.

Violet Turaco

These beautiful eye-catching birds offer a fantastic splash of colour in our tropical rainforest.

Ring-Tailed Lemur

Active, curious and cheeky, our group of female Ring-Tails are always happy to come and interact with visitors.

Red-Ruffed Lemur

Native to Madagascar, our two male Red-Ruffed Lemurs are not quite as bouncy as the Ring-Tails, but we can guarantee they will be always up to something!

Pekin Robin

Although very slowly decreasing in number, this species is not currently endangered and continues to be successful in the wild.

Geoffroys Marmoset

This small Brazilian primate is extremely active, spending a lot of it’s time foraging for bugs, nectar, fruits and even small birds and eggs.


By far our most popular species in the Tropical House, ‘Sid’ can be seen just hanging about, doing what Sloths do best, which is sleeping!

Java Sparrows

This vulnerable species is often trapped in the wild to be kept as a pet, and as a result, wild numbers are decreasing.