Woodside have kept butterflies for over 15 years, and since relocating our original Butterfly Room into our Endeavour Tropical House our collection has grown both in number and quality.

We have Lincolnshire’s largest collection of tropical butterflies, ranging from tiny, transparent-winged Glasswings to large Blue Morphs. As you explore our immersive Endeavour Tropical House you have the incredible chance to observe the various life stages of our tropical butterflies.

You will see wriggly little caterpillars, through to beautifully delicate pupa (chrysalis) in our hatching cabinet and also naturally on various plants and leaves throughout your journey.

Julia HeliconianDryas iulia

This fast-flying butterfly can be seen irritating the eyes of Caiman in the wild, so it can feast on their salt-rich tears!

Zebra LongwingHeliconius charithonia

By feasting on certain pollen, this butterfly manages to make themselves toxic to potential predators!

GlasswingGreta oto

This unique-looking butterfly has evolved to use transparency as its camouflage, removing the need for specific colours.

Blue MorphoMorpho menelaus

This striking looking butterfly is very territorial and a very strong flier, regularly seen chasing off rival butterflies.

Our butterflies are active all day, some feasting on our fruit feeding stations, while others feed on the hundreds of nectar-rich flowers, which are all grown in-house at Woodside. Look closely and you will find eggs, caterpillars, pupae and of course lots and lots of pretty butterflies!