Primary School


Primary School visits to Woodside Wildlife Park are perfect for Key Stages 1 – 4 and cover a wide-range of curriculum-linked topics, such as life cycles, habitats, rain forests, predators and adaptations and lots more…

School visits are keeper-guided and start from 10:00 am. We all assemble for a safety talk, then divide into groups for a tour of the park. Guided tours enable us to meet an individual group’s educational needs, such as focusing on a specific topic, or just to ensure you enjoy a fun-filled day out.

Every hour, all the groups will meet up to listen to an educational talk delivered by one of highly trained keepers, or you may wish to participate in a feeding / handling session or animal show.

Educational visits to Woodside Wildlife Park provide your students with an up-close and personal opportunity to learn about and observe our incredible animals, exhibiting some amazing natural behaviours. Working together with you, we will plan your visit to meet the aims and educational needs of your students.  When you enquire about your visit, ask us about our schedule for the time of year you plan on visiting if there is something specific you would like to see.