Meet The Penguins


(Unfortunately our Meet the Penguins experience is not available at the moment, keep checking back here for updates, and also follow our social media to be notified when we start them up again!)

Our meet the penguins animal experience at Woodside Wildlife Park is the only place in Lincolnshire where you can not only see, but actually hand-feed Humboldt Penguins. These South American masters of the ocean have settled right into their new home, and are more than happy to come and take food from you!

The experience includes:

  • 20 minutes with our Humboldt Penguins.
  • Hand-feeding tasty fish. (Do not worry, you will have gloves on!)
  • Access into the actual enclosure, not just interaction through a fence.

Photos and videos are encouraged, and if you need an extra hand, your accompanying keeper will be more than happy to take them for you.

All this for only £10 per person!

Our Animal Encounters are group sessions, up to a maximum of four participants, and usually held during the afternoon.

Please contact us to confirm the times on your requested day and see full Terms and Conditions