We house a variety of mammals at Woodside Wildlife Park park, from Penguins and Pandas, to Tigers and Tapir! Many of these species are endangered and part of international conservation breeding programs.

See below for more information on the various mammalian species that call Woodside their home:

Mammals at Woodside Wildlife Park - Lowland Tapir

Lowland Tapir

Closely related to rhinos and horses, the Tapir is a large South American herbivorous mammal that spends a lot of its life in the water, feeding on aquatic plants. Our Tapir loves to dive in his pond, at the exact moment when visitors are walking past!

Mammals at Woodside Wildlife Park - Capybara


Often kept alongside Tapir, the Capybara is the world’s largest rodent, and can often be seen swimming, or rolling around in the mud to keep cool.

Mammals at Woodside Wildlife Park  - Asian Short-Clawed Otters

Asian Short-Clawed Otters

Arguably one of the cutest species at Woodside. Our Otters are active most of the day foraging on the land and in their pool for crabs, fish and various creepy crawlies!

Mammals at Woodside Wildlife Park  - Meerkats


The cheekiest species at Woodside, they are active all day! This desert-dwelling species spends most of its time foraging for food, digging burrows and chasing one other around, but remember, there is always one, high-up, keeping a watchful eye out!

Mammals at Woodside Wildlife Park  - Siberian Lynx

Siberian Lynx

Incredibly photogenic, our Siberian Lynx siblings, Linous and Isabelle have been with us since 2014. A multi-level enclosure gives visitors to Woodside the perfect opportunity to watch them climbing, jumping or chasing each other around.

Mammals at Woodside Wildlife Park  - Raccoon


Perhaps one of the most active and naughty species at the park, our two female Raccoons live happily with a pair of female Raccoon Dogs.

Mammals at Woodside Wildlife Park  - Geoffroys Cat

Geoffroys Cat

Often mistaken for a domestic house cat, “Geoff” is actually a South American Geoffroy’s Cat, which are surprisingly strong swimmers!

Mammals at Woodside Wildlife Park  - Kinkajou


Come and see “Kinky” demonstrating his ability to hang from his impressively strong prehensile tail, during our Amazing Animal Show.

Mammals at Woodside Wildlife Park  - Genet


Another star of our Amazing Animal Show, watch closely as “Dexter” shows off his incredible speed and agility!