Frequently Asked Questions

What are your future plans?

We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve and develop the park. New animals, enclosures and facilities are always in the pipeline and planned for the future. We ensure you, our customers, are the first to find out. By using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and our Web Club you can learn about new developments happening at Woodside Wildlife Park.

Do you do chips?

Here at Woodside Wildlife Park we pride ourselves on preparing and serving freshly made food using home grown and local produce. We aim to provide healthy alternatives to fast food and wish to stay true to our traditional tearoom.

Do you still do pig racing?

Pig racing has been a huge part of Woodside Wildlife Park's history. It has always been a very popular and enjoyable animal show. We are however constantly developing the park and the area the pigs were housed in has been developed for the better and used to build our tiger enclosure, allowing us to rescue these beautiful animals, and I'm sure you will all agree it has been worth it!

Can I feed or touch the animals?

Woodside Wildlife Park has a no touch policy. You are not able to touch any of the animals at the park. We only allow some of our reptiles to be handled in our daily reptile show, as these animals are trained to be handled and will always be accompanied by a member of our animal staff. Part of our animals' enrichment is to provide food for them which can be purchased from the reception, this food is for our otters and meerkats who enjoy this public interaction.