Rescued from planned demolition in Lincoln and relocated to Woodside, our ‘Endeavour’ Tropical House takes you on an incredible journey, following the voyage of Sir Joseph Banks and Captain Cook, highlighting important conservation projects along the way.

Pied Tamarin

With a uniquely striking appearance, the Pied Tamarin is one of the most endangered primates in the South American Rainforest.

Bali Starling

One of the most endangered species, these very impressive looking birds are part of an International Breeding Program, here at Woodside.

Siamese Crocodile

This critically endangered Asian species, our Siamese crocodiles spend most of their time basking in plain view, so finding them here at Woodside is very easy!

Marine Reef

Hypnotising and fascinating, our marine tank gives you a glimpse into the beautiful world of corals, fish and underwater creepy crawlies!

Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin

Often seen interacting with visitors, these Tamarins are busy all day long, foraging for wild bugs as well as tasty treats that our keepers have hidden for them.

Endeavour Build

A mammoth task, but a worthwhile project. Visit our Endeavour Build page to discover why we could not let the former Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory be demolished.