Daily Displays



Daily displays at Woodside Wildlife Park are a great opportunity to learn all about the rare and fascinating species that live here at Woodside. Our team of friendly, experienced keepers provide informative talks, exciting feeding demonstrations, interactive handling sessions and fantastic animal shows on the hour, every day. 

Find out more about our daily displays at Woodside below:

Raccoon and Raccoon Dog Feeding

This feeding session allows you to learn all about these interactive, comical species, whilst watching them feast on their freshly prepared meals. Learn all about their wild feeding habits, the issues they face in the wild, and also why they are classed as ‘Invasive’ species.


Amazing Animal Show

As one of our flagship shows, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to observe a number of impressive species, demonstrating some amazing natural behaviours in our Barn Theatre. Ranging from our native Red Fox and Barn Owl, through to the lesser-known Kinkajou and Kookaburra, you can be certain you will leave this show with a wealth of knowledge, delivered by one of our friendly, experienced animal keepers. (April – October)


Penguin Feeding

This feeding demonstration is an incredible opportunity to observe Lincolnshire’s only Humboldt Penguin colony during feeding time. Watch them feed underwater through the large viewing window, whilst learning about this surprisingly athletic species from one of our friendly animal team.


Big Cat Feeding

Feeding time at the Big Cat enclosures is always a popular time of the day! Come along and watch as our big cats tuck in to a tasty treat. Learn all about their hunting methods, wild habits, struggles in the wild, as well as what we can do to help these incredible species.


Meet the Reptiles

A great chance to get hands-on with a variety of scaly species at Woodside. You might just want to have a closer look at a Blue-Tongued Skink, or have you always wanted to hold a Boa Constrictor? Regardless of how brave you are feeling, this handling session is suitable for the whole family.


Bird Display

Staying true to our roots as a Falconry Centre, of course we have to hold an outdoor bird display. Come along and learn all about a wide variety of birds, from the cheeky Caracaras to the bright, bold and colourful parrots. (April – October)


Wolf Feeding

As Lincolnshire’s only pack of Hudson Bay Wolves, this is a rare opportunity to see this impressive species during feeding time. Learn all about these elusive wolves from one of our friendly animal keepers, whilst watching them feed only 15 feet away!

Aside from our hourly displays, you are very likely to see our team of animal keepers feeding various other species throughout the day. Feel free to watch and ask any questions you may have, our team are always happy to help.

PLEASE NOTE! Show times can change daily, so for specific show times, please call us.


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